Like butterflies emerging from a chrysalis, I help people move through struggle and change, emerging transformed. A heart-centred holistic therapist, I offer a blend of traditional and alternative therapies, from both psychological and spiritual dimensions.

I work in Kitchener, Canada, or by phone or video throughout Ontario.

Moving through change can be difficult

Moving through change can be difficult

You may feel stuck, overwhelmed, tired of repetitive problems, or your life may be unravelling. Confusing and painful emotions may arise, and thoughts can be busy, negative and distracting. You question yourself and your choices, and what to do to fix things. Life can become a real struggle. Changing your inner world is not only possible, but inspiring. It takes effort, but is hugely rewarding.

A Holistic Therapist Guides Your Transformation

I help you move past symptoms to discover the cause of problems, release old limiting thoughts, emotions and behaviour, develop your strengths and uniqueness, see the bigger picture, and move into a whole new way of being. Psychotherapy is my profession, yet my approach is multi-dimensional; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.


Discovering your true self, understanding yourself and your motivations, living your integrity and truth

Feeling more joy and happiness, experiencing inner peace, living from your heart

Developing fulfilling relationships, being skilled in communicating, negotiating and resolving conflict with others

Knowing your purpose and meaning in life, being able to craft life your way, developing rewarding work

Questions You May Be Asking

How do I get out of emotional pain?

Why are these difficult challenges happening to me?

How do I become happier, more peaceful and more passionate about life?

How do I develop better relationships with the key people in my life?

How do I find my life purpose, true vocation, my right livelihood?

How do I develop a life that really works for me?

About Megan

About Megan

In this outer-directed life, I have always thrived on introspection, continually learning and growing, and enjoying the challenging and rewarding process of change and transformation. It is my joy to act as a catalyst and guide for others as you move through deep inner change, blossoming into the world vibrant and empowered.